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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Creative Spot - A Poem by Mahendra (Speedy) Gonsalkorale

Wind of Regret

Fading embers lay dormant
Till the wind of regret blows fervent
Wild emotions into flames burst
Merciless, unforgiving, unpleasant

Hidden memories light up clear
Days, weeks, months, an year 
They scream past in a frenzy
The good the bad and the ugly

Regret, regret , 
Might have been
Could have been
Should have been
Stop it, stop it!
Stop the wind of regret 
And the flames will disappear
Peace and calm will reappear


  1. Mahen
    I like the poem. Like it a lot.
    “Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets.”
    ― Arthur Miller

    I wish I said that myself!!

  2. Thanks Lucky. My Polish friend (from Poland, not a "Posh" friend!) who read my poem said that there is another angle in Regret in that it could be turned into a positive experience so that the "fires" burn away wrong ideas and wrong judgments and make you a better person by learning from your mistakes.

  3. Sorry, I meant "Thanks ND" although there is also a "Thanks Lucky" for giving us this great medium to communicate!

    1. This is the 2nd time you called me Lucky. I do feel greatly honoured. Buddha had a solution to this, MINDFULNESS.
      It is just a joke among friends. Enjoyed the poem and its important message so very close to the teachings of the Buddha.
      Take care my friend.

  4. Mahen
    There is no one without regrets. We all have it stored in the brain to resurface from time to time. At this stage of my life regrets don't mean much. They have become a part of my long and tortuous journey through life now masked and buried as history. I look back over my shoulder and say "I've had a good journey. I will keep going" . Refuse space for regrets, recriminations, disappointments and dreams not achieved.
    I am sure we all have our own ways to deal with these.
    It is good to be reminded of the futility of dwelling on regrets.
    Thank you for the poem

  5. Let me quote one of the Greatest Human Beings who ever lived:-
    "The past is already gone, the future is not yet here. There's only one moment for you to live, and that is the present moment”

    ― Gautama Buddha

  6. Speedy, I enjoyed your poem. Thanks.

  7. Good to see you back Sriani. Glad you liked it.

  8. Mahendra,
    That was great.
    We all have regrets. but its up to you not to fall a prey to it but put it behind you!!!
    My motto in life has been:--
    Never LOOK back,
    Never WALK back,
    Never THINK back,
    Look straight and WALK away as the future lies there at your 'call & beck' (beck & call)
    That's exactly was what I did 45 years ago and NO REGRETS & NO WORRY!!!!!
    Now, I am 'HAPPIER THAN LARRY'!!!.

  9. We've all been there and know how futile it is. Good advice in fine and beautiful words, thanks!

  10. Speedy had said earlier that sharing his creative work with others gives him immense pleasure. I get no less pleasure in helping others to share whatever they have to offer. This blog is one such medium.

    I see that Speedy, ND, Razaque, Sriani, Zita and a few others have been regular with their comments. I have said this before but I say it again. I personally know that quite a few others follow the blog, but don't comment for whatever reason.

    By the way, where is Rohini Ana who is one of our regulars"?

    1. Yes, Lucky, I too know of at least one. I shall not comment on the reason for not coming forward!! Its a shame.
      Glad to be back home?
      Home is where The Hearth / Heart is I suppose!!

  11. Lucky
    You must be back in SL enjoying the green green grass of home.

  12. Sorry that I am so late in commenting - Speedy this is a beautiful poem. Your thoughts are beautifully expressed. Omar Khayam also wrote something similar " Dead yesterday, unborn tomorrow, why think of these when today shall be so sweet." Srianee/Bunter