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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sri Lanka Medical Council - Notice

Some of you who are domiciled abroad may not be interested in this news item. However, I am sharing this information in case any of you are interested. The following advertisement was published in the Sunday Times of 14 June, 2015.

Sri Lanka Medical Council - NOTICE
Applications for renewal of registration were sent by November 2014 to all Medical Practitioners (Sec. 29), Dentists (Sec. 43) and persons entitled to Practice Medicine and Surgery (Sec. 41) registered in the Sri Lanka Medical Council.
Notice is hereby given to those who failed to renew their registration, that applications will be accepted only up to Tuesday 30 June 2015.
If you do not renew your registration before that date, your name will be erased from the register under Section 23 of the Medical Ordinance and the restoration of the name will be done on payment of a penalty of Rs. 2500/- in addition to the renewal payment of Rs. 2500/-.
Dr.  H.M.S.S.D. Herath
Sri Lanka Medical Council
31, Norris Road, Colombo 10.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks, Lucky for this notice. I have less than a week to act on it. I am never going to practise there again. But the name on the Register is so dear to me. All those years before, during and after-- it's our entire life really.