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Friday, June 26, 2015

Creative Spot - A Poem by Mahendra (Speedy) Gonsalkorale

Tropical downpour
A darkness creeps over the town
as angry black clouds gather in force
sweeping aside soft white ones with disdain.
The calm and gentle breeze is cast aside
as the howling wind gets stronger and stronger
causing trees to sway to and fro helplessly.

Leaves blown everywhere,
ladies holding on to their hats.
An old man digs his stick to the ground
as he defies the wind that pushes him.
Frantic umbrellas being unfolded
only to turn inside out, defeated.
People running for shelter
Swarms of frightened birds flying to their nests

A flash of lightening illuminates the sky,
the haughty rumble of thunder follows.
Sheets of rain pour unrestrained
the torrential downpour pelts the ground,
raising little flowers of water at impact on the ground.
Rivers of water lead to pools by the roadside.
Happy children run laughing and screaming.
Some huddle under trees for respite,
soon their clothes soaked to the skin

The rain continues unabated.
The horizon is a blur in the watery shroud.
More flashes of lightening,
loud claps of thunder strike and rumble on.
The wrath of the wind mercilessly swaying hapless trees.
Pieces of paper and plastic bags flying in gay abandon.
The busy road now deserted. 
Mud pools everywhere.
Gushing muddy water flows into drains.

Then as suddenly as it started
the rain ceases and the World brightens.
A fresh crispness is in the air.
Little by little life reappears on the roads.
First a few and more and more resume
As people carry on with their lives.
This was but a passing distraction. 


  1. Speedy,
    Great piece of poetry.
    Are you in competition with OUR ZITA?????
    Missed your vocation?????
    There is still time to move on!!!!!!.
    Good luck.

  2. Mahen
    Enjoyed the poetry and the images it creates. The storms and the calm mirrors our own lives. Reminds me of that famous Musical "Pennies from heaven". In Kegalle where I grew, up the rain was never far away. The scene you describe before the rain has its own splendour. After the storm blows away and the sunshines, it is again closer to heaven than any place else I know. Thank you for that little piece of home.

  3. My dear friend Razaque! No competition with Zita, just good friends sharing a common interest, just like with you and your great sense of humor.

    ND thanks for your comment. If you were able to visualize and almost re-live the experience , I have achieved my objective of "painting pictures with words"

    1. Dear Speedy,
      I must apologise if I have caused any mischief by the use of the word 'competition', in my comments. It was absolutely stupid of me and no intention of causing any strife between You and Our Zita. It was all in jest and no malice. and nor ulterior my comments ... just plain stupidity!!! SORRY once again.

    2. Dear Razaque. No offense taken I can assure you. The thought of offense never even touched my mind. Very best wishes. Speedy

  4. "I'm not in competition with anybody but myself. My goal is to beat my last performance"
    Celine Dion

  5. ND. That Celine Dion comment could have been written by me when I talk about Golf competitions I occasionally take part in (mostly to meet friends and colleagues).

  6. Dear Mahendra, I am rather late to comment but I have emailed you. With this poem one walks through a downpour seeing, hearing and experiencing what you describe. It's a special skill you have. I sent you some pictures to illustrate it but they are not really necessary. Now the downpour is over and 'it was but a passing distraction'.