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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Another incident at a Supermarket! - Sent in by Razaque Ahamat

Yesterday my wife and I went to the Dundee Railway Station to drop off my son Hajji  on his way for a job interview in Aberdeen and we dropped in at the nearby Supermarket. It was a very hot day and I removed my cap and placed it in my anorak pocket. After finishing our shopping we returned home only to find my cap was missing. Rushed back to the supermarket and enquired at the Customer Service if my cap had been returned. To my delight it was and the woman at the counter said that I was VERY LUCKY that such a quality cap was returned. I just smiled and replied "The person who returned is also VERY LUCKY,... otherwise that person would have RECEIVED A GIFT FROM ME ALONG WITH MY CAP---- A HEAD FULL OF DANDRUFF or ALOPECIA or BOTH UNLESS THAT PERSON IS BALD!!!! "
This once again shows that there is humour all around us --- only to be found appreciated and enjoyed!!!
Now....... TAKE TWO........
The above reminds me of a joke related to me some time back.
One wet, drab, cold, wintery Sunday morning at a Church service, the Priest noted that an older man soaking wet, looking angry and miserable seated at the end of a pew.  At that time the topic of the sermon was the Ten Commandments.
When Sermon came to "Thou shall not commit adultery" this miserable man was all smiles , happy and elated!!! The Priest was puzzled and after the Service was over, he went up to this man and asked why all that change in his mood during the course of the Sermon???The man replied..... "Father, when you came to the commandment 'Thou shall not commit  adultery', I remembered where I left my Umbrella and RAINCOATS (condoms) on my way to Church"!!!!!!


  1. Wonderful stories, almost too corny to be true!

  2. "Take 1" is certainly true....... it actually happened.
    It all depends how one responds to situations!!!

    "Take 2" is as I mentioned is only a storey/joke!!!!!!.

  3. Raz
    Its lovely to see the funny side of day to day life. It is all around us waiting to be seen and appreciated. The ability to embellish them and to make it funny and readable requires talent. Thank you.

  4. A hot day in Aberdeen? That must be rare as hens teeth. Aberdeen is just next to the North Pole!! You must see the aurora borealis every winter.