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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Advertising War - Posted by LA

Four reputed insurance companies with networks of branches all over the world, decided to set up business in a new rich town with a booming population. They were vying with each other to get a share of the lucrative life insurance market.

For an advertising campaign to be successful, it has to have a suitable theme and a slogan. Most advertisers go for slogans that are catchy and have rhyming words. With the drawing board work completed, the companies were now ready with what they thought were sure to bring success. All of them were prepared to throw money around. Thus the campaigns were to be carried out using the print and electronic media, hoardings, neon signs etc. Whether it be a commercial spot on TV or advertising copy, each ad had a special place for the campaign slogan.

The first company which broke the ice launched their campaign with much fanfare. They came up with the slogan - "From Cradle to Grave". They left it at that with the townsfolk wondering what it was all about. But the four words were pregnant with meaning. What followed explained that the company provided life insurance cover from the beginning to the end of life.

The company that followed with their launch went one better. They used the slogan "From Womb to Tomb", effectively outdoing the first company with regard to the length of the lifespan. The third company not to be outdone, coined a novel slogan "From Sperm to Worm". After all, life begins with the male sperm and following death, what remains is the body which is consumed by maggots.

Then came the gem of a slogan from the last company. When everything seemed to be lost, their campaign outdid the rest. Their slogan was "From Erection to Resurrection"!


  1. Lucky,
    This is superb- thankyou
    Sorry to sound like Oliver Twist- but would love to see more from you-

  2. Lucky
    Your fine article reminded me of a billboard opposite an Ayurvedic Physicians dispensary at Warakapola " Specialist in Piles and Nervous Diseases." An expert at either end of the body. Be it arrogance or skill he always had a long queue of patients. Pardon?? "No I haven't sought his help" I never had problems with either end..

  3. Wonderful Lucky! I saw your plea to our mates to do their best to make this Blog more interactive and help to continue it.

  4. Good one Lucky. Really enjoyed it..