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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Creative Spot - Another beautiful song by Mahendra (Speedy) Gonsalkorale

Dushmantha aho kimado

This song is an old favourite sung originally by Rukmani Devi.
The backing music is played by another Medico - Suraj Ranasinghe who posts in You Tube too.



  1. Mahen
    So pleased you are back on the music scene again. It is a beautiful song which you sing with much feeling bringing back memories of long ago. Rukmani Devi is a legend in the Sinhala music industry and this is a great tribute to her long service to the public. I read about her life recently, of her many accolades, triumphs, tragedies and her sad end.
    Thank you

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  3. Mahen,
    A haunting melody sung beautifully,I wish I understood the words - it prompts me to re- learn my Sinhalese .