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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Malik Jaimon has passed away

I have been informed by Razaque that our colleague Malik Jaimon had passed away in Australia on March 26th. He was Razaque's wife Farina's first cousin. As most of you know, "Jaima" was ailing for some time. Please see Razaque's e-mail below.

Dr. Razaque Ahamat

15:15 (11 minutes ago)
Dear Lucky,

This time it me the harbinger of sad news.
Maliq Jaimon --- known to all of us as 'JAYMA'  passed away in Australia on the 26th..
He was more to me and my wife, besides being a batch mate he was a member
of my community and the first cousin of my wife Farina.
I had the good fortune to have visited him twice in Australia. My wife too visited him
when I was in NZ.
Please pass on this message to the rest of our batch mates.
Kind regards,


  1. Thanks Lucky and Razaque for passing on this sad information. I haven't met Jaima since we qualified but knew he was in Australia and that he had many health issues. I recall him well and remember him sitting in the physiology lecture theatre close to Cigar Jayanetti, as we were of course seated alphabetically. Somehow, a cigarette in his mouth also conjures up in my mind. May he rest in Peace and may his family come to terms with this loss.

  2. Very sad to hear that Jaima passed away. I never knew he was ill and the news came as a shock to me. The last I saw him was at his boozy farewell in 1973 at the Health Dept Sports Club in Castle Street. He was leaving for NZ. Jaima enjoyed to the full all the good things in life. He took full part in all the fun in our batch. I will always remember his smiling face and happy demeanour all through those arduous five years. Lost contact with him as he lived half way round the world from me and we both lead busy lives building careers and bringing up family. Loss of our close friends brings home the brevity of life.

    A verse from the Qur'an:
    "Inna Lillahi Va Inna ilaihi Rajioon"
    From Him do we come and unto Him do we return"

    My sympathies go to his family.

  3. Dear Razaque and Farina,
    I am truly sorry to hear this news. I can imagine the loss you both feel. Please accept my sincere sympathy. I can but reiterate the quote made by ND---.

  4. Dear Lucky

    Thank you for the news, our thoughts with Razaque and his family.

    Kind regards

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    Dear Lucky,,,
    Thank you and Razaque for letting us know of Malik Jaimon our friend and colleague.
    I knew him well in Med school but sadly never met after that although he too lived in
    He was one of Nature's gentleman;soft spoken,courteous ,humble and always helpful.
    It was a privilege to have known him even for a brief period.
    I would be grateful if you could convey my heartfelt condolences to the family.
    Kindest Regards
    P.S.I would have blogged this but believe it's not possible via Safari.

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  5. Thanks, Please pass on my sympathies to his family. Ranjith Dambawinna.

  6. From Suren Iyer

    Thanks Lucky for the news It is sad indeed ,gentle soul he was I remember our very 1st day in the block we walked down to Borella to grab something to eat .He gave me the 1st cigarette that I smoked !! . Please pass on my condolences to the family

    suren .

  7. Dear Razaque, please allow me to say hello to Suren. The sad news of the loss of Malik Jaimon, has brought back happily together, some of our valued members from 1962. Hello, Suren! Great to read you on the blog. And Thanks, Lucky, for the nth time for bringing us all together!
    Zita Perera Subasinghe