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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

W. Rajasooriyar has passed away

I was about to post on the blog, a news item quite different to this. But I received this e-mail from VPH just now. Needless to say, this has to take precedence over everything else. Earlier in the day, Prof. Lalitha Mendis whom I met at Pram's home, was telling me that her friend and colleague "Kodda" (C.H. Kodikara who was in our immediate senior batch) keeps on sending sad news, one after another. She was obviously referring to deaths of fellow members of her batch. I hope you will not make that same accusation when you receive e-mails like this from me. As you know by now, my messages are a mix of good and bad news.

Please see this E-mail from "Paksa" (aka Preethi, Victor, Proctor, Hector, VPH). This introduction is for the benefit of those colleagues who may find it difficult to place V.P.H. Rajapaksa.

May our colleague Rajasooriyar rest in peace.

Preethi Rajapakse

8:35 PM (38 minutes ago)
to me
Dear Lucky,
I am very sad to inform you that our batchmate and my good friend W Rajasooriyar passed away. His son has sent me an e mail.
He was suffering from idiopathic lung fibrosis for a few years but has died from a sudden heart attack . The funeral was held in England where he has lived for the last few years.
He was one of our batch mates and a quiet but nice guy. Two of us were of the same height , quiet disposition and kept each other company and at a time were called Thomson and Thomson after the twins in a cartoon popular at the time.
After obtaining post graduate qualifications he worked as a Consultant Anaesthetist in Sri Lanka for few years and later migrated to England. He retired from active service a few years ago.
He leaves behind his wife son daughter in law and a grandson.
Our deepest sympathies go to his family
Yours sincerely
Victor (V.P.H. Rajapakse)


  1. Thanks for the news Lucky. I never knew he was in England. Till VPH brought it to my attention, I had forgotten that they were known as "T&T"! They never wore bowler hats though and as far as I know they were not bowlers either! I remember him as a quiet one with premature greying and in common with VPH, wore his trousers rather high, almost teasing his nipples. He was a gentleman apart from being a gentle man and I too extend my deepest commiserations to his family.

  2. This Blog is about our batch whether the news is good or bad. So , Lucky, don't feel you are a harbinger of bad news.
    I am deeply shocked and saddened by the news. W.Rajasooriar did the internship with me in Kurunegala and I have fond memories of a "really nice guy" as we often called him. I will write an appreciation when I collect my thoughts.
    May he find Eternal Peace.