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Friday, January 2, 2015

Tribute to a Colleague by Zita (Perera) Subasinghe

One of the Best

Such a gentleman is he

Yes a man, gentle and kind

In times of trial and necessity

No better friend you can find

He is a writer, he is a poet

He is an artist and a singer

Listen! When he sings a duet

The echo in your ear will linger

He is an ace in digital-techno

Of high tech, he is not shy

There is nothing he doesn’t know

To trump him, don’t even try!

A fine father, brother and friend

A unique being, full of talent

His generosity has no end

He is quite the comrade gallant

Batch ’62 has a unique bunch

Of doctors, some of Lanka’s best

Speedy, when it comes to a crunch

Easily passes the stiffest test!


Sent by Zita Perera Subasinghe
Ps I like to say a big Thank- You to Mahendra(Speedy) for all the guidance and help and advice he has given me in writing and music and any situations where Joe and I needed advice.


  1. It is my great fortune to have you as a true friend Zita. Friendship is something I value very highly, way above material comforts. May all beingsbe happy and content. - Speedy

  2. Although I haven't seen Mahen since 1976 - Royal College of Physicians we have spoken and kept in touch through Lucky's wonderful Blog. He is one of life's gentleman. I have no appropriate words in my vocabulary to describe Mahen adequately. In a sentence " Mahen is a gem in a world of pebbles". Many readers of our Blog would have noticed I have never called him Speedy. It is because the Sanskrit name Mahendra aptly describes the person.
    Thank you for your friendship.

  3. I can hardly believe that so much time has elapsed since we met ND. We must most definitely put that right this year and my feelings about you too are entirely reciprocal. It is only after the Blog that I discovered your immense literary talent. - Mahendra - I do like Mahendra but I know I am better known as Speedy or Gonsal and so long as I recognise who is being referred to, I don't really mind!