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Sunday, January 18, 2015

E-mail from Vasantha Rajasooriyar

3:12 AM (5 hours ago)
to me, Nihal, Preethi
Dear Lakshman,
Thank you.  It was very kind of you all to do this.  I read the blog with pride.  I will print it and keep it till my two year old boy and the baby girl due later this month are older and able to appreciate it.
Wishing you all the very best
Vasantha Rajasooriyar

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On 16 Jan 2015, at 8:19 am, Lucky Abey <> wrote:
Dear Vasantha,
Let me first offer my condolences on the loss of your beloved father.
Many thanks for sending me his photograph. I have already posted it on our batch blog, alongside the appreciation written by Dr. Nihal Amerasekera. All of us including your father, were in the same batch that entered the Colombo Medical Faculty in June 1962.
When you have time, please visit the blog by clicking on:

Dr. Lakshman Abeyagunawardene


  1. It is very heartening to note that we have contributed positively in the hour of need of his son. Yet another good reason (if indeed it was necessary to state the obvious), for maintaing our Blog.

  2. I am so pleased I was able to write a few words for a worthy friend. Pretty certain many in our batch would endorse my sentiments as it was written on behalf of the Batch of 62.