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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Creative Spot - Large Blue Heron Nest

Area birds - large Blue Heron with chick

Photography by Lakshman Weerasooriya


  1. I think these are common in the US but only occasionally seen as migrants in the UK, where grey herons are more common. Grey herons are thinly distributed throughout the UK as birds of freshwater and estuaries.. An estimated 15,000 pairs of herons nest in the UK (compare this with 3.5 million pairs of blue tits). In severe winters, when water freezes, making fish difficult to catch, the heron population can be reduced significantly.I n Great Britain the heron is protected at all times under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, with fines or prison sentences available for anyone killing or attempting to kill one.
    Lucky you may find this of interest and I do hop you respond with a comment.

  2. I know very little about birds. So thanks for educating me, and well done on great photography!