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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Creative Spot - New Year Poem by Zita (Perera) Subasinghe

I wish you all my colleagues and your families Best Wishes this Season and a Happy New Year 2015! 

From: Zita Perera Subasinghe
What was it all about?

O yes 2014, what was it about?

                     Was it An Act, or a jest?

                     Dressed to the nines, smart no doubt

                    Sad inside but in Sunday best?

  It started with a song and dance

  But it all went up in smoke

  Big start- ups, in with a chance

  Now it seems, ‘twas just a joke



Exam, Project or Conference      

We, our kids, and our friends

Did in total ignorance

Of where this fab dream ends!

Joyful celebrations continued                    

But so also did the wars

 Replete with enslavement, servitude

While some dreamt of going to Mars!


One country standing against another

In the name of caste and creed

One man standing against his brother

What triumphed was selfish greed

 Few good things like lights twinkled  

Few good men, noble, strong

Were like stars sparsely sprinkled

As midnight sky gave way to dawn

 Illness sprang in some locations         

Valuable men and innocents died

But others’ help and selfless actions

Their great value, can’t be denied


      When a plane was lost in flight

      We held our heads in hands and cried

      But when one was shot down in the night

                                     Even our faith in humanity died


Now a chapter’s due to end

We’re to open another page

Let us think not ‘foe’ but ‘friend’

We need the wisdom of a sage

The New Year sows a brand new seed     

A glimmer of hope, a peaceful dawn

But it’s down to thought and deed

Of every man, woman and child born


Let us not be sullen or sad                          

A new vision! New Hope! New Dawn!

The sun is shining, let’s be glad

As we greet the New Year’s morn


  1. Zita
    Thank you. Hope you and the family have a Peaceful and Happy New Year. We have enjoyed your contributions. Please continue to support the Blog and be a part of the network.

    1. Thanks, Nihal! And, yes, we must all support the Blog and help Lucky keep it going.

  2. An excellent starter for 2015 Zita! Happy New Year and keep posting! -Speedy

    1. Thanks, Mahendra! You are one of those who encourage me most.
      A Happy New Year to you too, and keep on posting on our Blog in the New Year!