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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Mini - Reunion at Hyde Park Residencies

Pram hosted a dinner at her Hyde Park Residencies last night to welcome Speedy.
Standing L to R: JC, Suri, Chandra, Swyrie, Speedy, Lucky, Lama, Kusuma, HN
Seated: Sriani, Chirasri, Sura and Pram.
(Wasantha, Senerat and Gnanis are not in the picture as they had already left). 
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  1. Great photos. There are 10 standing only 9 are named in the 1st photo. I cant recognise the one on the extreme right!! Pram looks elegant as ever.

    1. That's Swyrie's husband Ken Balendra. When the photographer was about to click the camera, someone shouted that there are 13 and that it's an unlucky number. So, Ken joined us.

  2. Back in Manchester. It was great to meet all of you and thanks again to Pram for being so generous in organising this feast with musical accompaniment to boot!