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Friday, October 17, 2014

Remembering Arul Sivaguru Balasubramaniam

Arul, my dear friend....

Rohini Anandaraja

Arul my dear friend of med school days
So gentle, thoughtful and caring in her ways
Her quiet wisdom, her beauty, her grace
Stay etched in my memory for ever unerased

'Tis sad our paths never crossed again,
 With the best of intentions it was too late -
Yet from our brief encounter there was much I gained
From compassion, empathy, sharing - a few to name
To all of the goodness that ran in her veins.

My life was enriched by having known her-My love and sympathy to all her family



  1. Beautiful Rohini! A moving poetic tribute to your friend.

    1. Thankyou Speedy-it had to be beautiful for her-
      I have also been enjoying your various contributions from time to time-cheers Rohini

  2. Rohini

    What a great tribute to a friend. Just goes to show that time hasn't erased those wonderful memories of friends and friendships. They were our formative years and we made strong bonds. Take care
    ND Amerasekera

    1. Sorry this acknowledgement is late -happened to see your kind comment only today-1/11/14
      - Thankyou very much Nihal

  3. Sorry this acknowledgement is late- I saw your kind comment only today
    1/11/14 - Thankyou very much Nihal