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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Donations to CoMSAA by Sujatha Maligaspe Lena

Suji has made a generous donation of 5000 Canadian Dollars to CoMSAA to be utilised under the "Stethoscope and Book Project for Colombo Medical Students". She has pledged to donate a further 50 Canadian Dollars for the same project in memory of the late Priya, her friend, colleague and schoolmate at Visakha Vidyalaya, Colombo.

This news item is posted on the blog to encourage all members of our batch who have not yet joined CoMSAA to do so and to invite those colleagues who have joined CoMSAA already, to consider making a donation towards this worthy cause in memory of any of our batch colleagues or family members who have "passed on".


  1. Well done Sujatha! Actions speak more than words and yours is a true example of this.

  2. Sujatha,
    You have always been a generous soul. I remember at the Batch Reunion in London you gave each one of us a gift of a bottle of the best Canadian Maple Syrup which whets my appetite still. I appreciate your bringing that heavy cargo all the way. It is so lovely to hear news about you from way back and far away.
    ND Amerasekera

  3. Magnanimous, Suji! Example to all.