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Friday, August 8, 2014

Creative Spot - Sinhala songs by Zita and Joe Subasinghe

The vocalist is Zita's husband Joe who sings two old favourites made popular by veteran singers C.T. Fernando and Raj Seneviratne. Musical accompaniment is by Zita herself. Please click on the following links.

"Ambaruk Sevanelle" (C.T. Fernando):

"Sili Sili Seethala Elle" (Raj Seneviratne):




  1. A family affair! Well done Joe and Zita. I am so glad that the Creative Spot is being used more but I would love to see many others to come out of the woods please.

  2. Thanks, Mahendra! Your own contributions encouraged Joe and me to have a go. I too would love to see more of our members and non members contributing. It doesn't matter if it is not 'professional' and if it has mistakes like my contributions do. The main thing is to take part. It will be such fun to see what our people can do outside their main interest in medicine.