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Monday, April 7, 2014

Kurunegala Interns 1967

An Important e-mail from Priya.
Dear Lucky,
Discovered a photo (not too good) of the interns at GH Kurunegala in 1967/1968. Many of our batch mates are in it -

Seated - from L-R - ?Lakshmi Balachandran, 3rd me (Priya Gunaratna), Yankee Bala, HN Wickremasinghe, Rajasooriar, 8th Cassim, & last Manel Hettiarachchi.

Standing from L - R  - 5th - ND Amarasekera, Sanath Tissera, ?Sarvanandan, ? & 10th Rasanayagam
Sorry  I can't remember some names.

Most of us interns were housed in two adjoining, smallish bungalows whilst some others including Cassa & HN were in another large and oldish bungalow known as the "Naaki Quarters". We would be often warned of a brewing rumpus at this "NK" by Banda, our cook cum house keeper and brace our selves for a sleepless night. On these occasions branches of trees would be stuffed in through grills above our room windows amidst much shouting and singing whilst the crockery which had been forgotten to be locked up, were found smashed to smithereens the next morning. One night I discovered my housecoat which had been extricated through the window grill flying atop the flag pole of the "Naaki Qarters".
I remember the many times my co workers at the "NQ" drive past our humble abode shouting commands to me to cover up for them?.
Many a day when the taps ran dry, these "naaki inmates" would go on strike, stand outside their quarters with their sarongs tucked up and toothbrushes hanging from their mouths.
We, Doctors were much respected by the residents of Kurunegala and our presence much sought after at  their homes and at outings.
The blood bank was situated across the main Colombo Road and what ever time of night, we had to hurry across this to match blood for transfusions, only to be trailed far behind by the ward attendant carrying the bag to transport it.
There was an MO/OPD who would indiscriminately stamp all cases at night as "HO to see stat", which made us poor interns scurry to exchange these on call dates.
Sanath, HN and ND were my co-workers under Dr Chandra Wijesundera, Consultant Paediatrician (who later married our batch mate Manel Ratnavibushana also known as Owlie) and under Dr J Herat, Consultant Gynecologist. When it came to our convocation, I who was honest and declared I was not attending it had to hold the fort as these folks obtained duty leave to attend it, but never did.
All these seem from a distant past and at times I wonder if they are figments of my imagination. However it may be, the internship days at Kurunegala bring a smile upon my face and a warm feeling around my heart. I am sure Cassa and HN would agree.

With some help from ND, I was able to get a jpg copy of the photo to be uploaded to the blog. He had also provided a few more names. With all that, it's still incomplete. I guess it's left to me to see if I can identify the rest. But let me remind you that I never worked in Kurunegala and I know that there a few Peradeniya graduates in the group whom I don't know.
ND's e-mail is as follows:

Hi Lucky
Done the change into Jpeg
I remembered a few more names.

Seated - from L-R - ?Lakshmi Balachandran, 3rd me (Priya Gunaratna), Yankee Bala, HN Wickremasinghe, Rajasooriar, 8th Cassim, & last Manel Hettiarachchi.
Standing from L - R  ??, Langanarayanan, ???, Batuwangala,  ND Amarasekera, Sanath Tissera, LPJM Wickramasinghe,  Sarvanandan, Galhenage,  Rasanayagam, Lionel Samarasinghe, Adikaram, WS Ratnayake, Subramaniam

Click on photo to enlarge
 Seated left to right: Indrani Subramaniam (Yankee Bala's sister), Lakshmi Balachandran (according to Priya and ND), Priya Gunaratne, S. Balachandra (Yankee Bala), HN Wickramasinghe, W. Rajasooriyar, Joseph, , MHS Cassim, UNIDENTIFIED, UNIDENTIFIED, Manel Hettiarachchi,

Standing left to right: UNIDENTIFIED, G. Langaniarayanan (I remember him from the 6 months course), ?Sisira Ranasinghe (was he in Kurunegala?), Batuwangala, ND Amerasekera, Sanath de Tissera, LPJM Wickramasinghe, S. Sarvananda, Siri Galhenage, M. Rasanathan, Lionel Samarasinghe, Adikaram, WS Ratnayake, ?Kumar Gunawardene (was he is Kurunegala?) or Subramaniam

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  1. I have sent the photo to Lionel Samarasighe and I hope he can identify/misidentify a few more! It is really good to see this and the Blog being active again..