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Friday, January 3, 2014

Boys only picture

We had an informal get-together of a few batch friends at our Battaramulla home on Jan 2nd. This is just one of the photographs.

From left to right in this outdoor picture are: JC, Nihal Goonetilleke, Mahendra (Speedy) Gonsal, Lucky Abey, Senerat Jayatilaka and Sanath de Tissera. Nihal and Speedy (from UK) and Sanath from Perth, AU are presently on holiday in Sri Lanka. Sura and Pram who were also present, are not in the picture. They were inside, busy gossiping with our spouses. Segregation, you might say. That's the form in Sri Lanka even now.

Here they are:

L to R: Sura, Mangala (my wife) and Kanthi (Sanath's wife).
Kanthi, Hemantha (Senerat's wife) and Pram.

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  1. It was great to meet old mates (who are now "old" literally as well as metaphorically!). Lucky and Mangalika laid a fantastic spread and all in all it was memorable occasion. You may have noticed that JC (the darkest) and me (second darkest) don't appear very well on the photo; It was all Lucky's fault as he did not give any warning before the photo and we didn't smile!