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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lessons I Still Remember - 1

This is a new series suggested by Speedy. Others in the batch are welcome to contribute.
Speedy starts off with the first in the series: Lessons I Still Remember. Please see Speedy's note below.


I am sure batchmates will agree that we were very fortunate in having wonderful teachers, both in Medical School and in the Hospitals where we had our clinical training. I am very keen for all of you to contribute to this series which I am starting today, which I call "Lessons I Still Remember". I do hope that many of you will add to this list. I have a few more I can recall but shall keep them for another instalment.


10 point analysis of pain

By Mahendra Gonsalkorale 

 I first learned the “10 point analysis of pain ” from Dr R.S. Thanabalasunderam. This has served me well over the years and I have passed it on to many young doctors and medical students.  

1.       Site
2.       Intensity
3.       Duration
4.       Frequency
5.       Character
6.       Radiation
7.       Provoking factors
8.       Relieving factors
9.       Aggravating factors
10.     Accompanying factors 

What is required for the safe removal of foreign bodies from the ear” comes from Dr “E.N.T”. Rasanayakam. He said that it should be attempted only if you have the following:-

1.Good light
2.Good equipment
3.Good technique