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Sunday, July 8, 2012

English Countryside

By Mahendra Gonsalkorala

 A glow spreads across the sky                      
Like the warm smile of a girl so shy                 
As dawn by stealth creeps in
The sounds of perky birds builds up to a din
The smell of happy flowers so fine
Opening joyously, soaking the sunshine
The sound of distant rumbling
Of the herd of horses approaching
The gush of a stream sweeping
Across the wet stones leaping
Searching tirelessly for something
Ceaselessly for ever wandering
The trees become taller, majestic too
Glistening beams breaking through,
The leafy roof top, that covers so well
Grander much more than a citadel
Light up my path oh so serene
Pierce my soul, as calm sets in
A rabbit darts in and then disappears
As a lamb dancing, skipping appears
Then cuddles to mum for suckling
His tail now furiously waggling
In this wonderful joyful countryside
So free, such beauty, I declare with pride 


  1. Discovery of Speedy's literary talent.


  2. Very poetic, I was looking to see how you were going to end the poem.Also repluing to youe EMail, seems simple to make comments. You may want to include ways to write into the blog without having Lucky do the dirty work.Patas

  3. Glad to see you as the first to use the new "user friendly" comment system. Shame I am away when you come for the Olympics but it will be good to see you in Sri lanka. About direct input to the blog, I am afraid that won't be possible and I am sure Lucky would be more than happy to receive contributions and publish them. He is also responsible as the Blog "owner" to make sure the content is OK. Keep commenting and enjoy the Olympic summer (if there is any Summer that is!) - Speedy