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Monday, July 9, 2012

E-mail from Yankee Bala

Hi Lucky

I have been following all the activities on your blog and you would not believe, how much I want to join in the 50th. year reunion, but, life gets in your way and you have no choice.

I did Vascular and General surgery for 38 yrs and finally I hung up my "shingles" and took up a job with the Government, last month. I am unable to get time off to come for the Gala.
It seems a cop out on my part, but, I will be there in spirits and have a Drink on me.

In the mean time, a little detail about my family. I have three gorgeous kids, oldest son is a Corporate Lawyer / Politician; my daughter an Educator, Principal; my youngest son is a
Bio - Engineer, Director and FIVE grand kids, whom I spoil them rotten. Life has been good.

I agree with "Speedy's rationalization" and I hope his golf scores are improving, as mine are in the toilet.

Lucky, if you happen to video tape the event, I would like to have a copy of it. Hope I could identify all my mates. Like they say in Texas  -  Have a Ball Ya All.

Hi Ho !
Yankee Bala


  1. Great to hear from you Bala. I think we last met in the UK (Watford) in June 2009 with Indrani. So sorry you can't make it but we shall think of you! My golf is like the British weather, up and down and too many downs! Glad you are enjoying life. - Speedy-

  2. Hi Bala, I just seen your blog and was pleased to note that you still look same as when we were boarded at Mrs Jayatiss(can you remember) except your silver grey hair.

    We are in U K and am a consultant paediatrcian. I occasionally meet 'Con Bala' and your sister Indrani.

    You can contact me on

    Best wishes
    Nana (c.s.nanayakkara)

  3. Hi Bala,
    Wonder if you remember our internshiop year at Kurunegala General? Indrani was with me at the women's quaters whilst you, I believe was at the "naaki' quarters along with Cassa, HN, ND, Sanath Tissera & co. Those at Naaki quarters would go on the rampage every so often, if I remember right!HN who did paediatrics under Owlie's husband C de S Wijesundera would come by & ask me to do his 'on call' & vanish!