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Monday, May 28, 2012

Jay Brothers of the Sixties

Remember the popular singing duo - the Jay Brothers? "Cherry Blossom Tree" was one of their more popular numbers. Older of the two brothers Perrin Jayasekara died decades ago. Younger brother Geri retired a few years ago as Professor in Surgery of the Colombo Medical Faculty. Both were in the same "Three Hundred" batch , two years our senior.
Click on this link to enjoy this old favourite.
Whoever put it on Youtube would have had to make do with a Japanese girl because at the time Perrin and Geri recorded it, there would'nt have been a visual.

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  1. Thanks Lucky. I was tying to recall whether they had any more original hits. You may remember the Medico group "Neurones" which was a combination of our year and 3rd years and included Buddy Reid on Clarinet, Sidath Jayanetti on Drums (and I think Piano), myself given a very occasional place as "pakis petty/broomstick and lanuwa" Base player, Perin (piano also) and Jerry as vocalists and a few others (I am sure Tissa Wickramasuriya was in it although I can't recall what he did but I have a feeling he played the Bongoes), I can't remember for sure now. The "Neurones" could well have been called "Cigar and his friends"!

    The other thing about the Jay brothers I recall is their Block Nite performance when Jerry came as a girl and Perin was talking to her. In this little skit, "she" came as Majora. When "she" appeared (spot light on her), Perin asked "her", where is your sister Minora? And Jerry replied coyly, "Oh! She rarely comes out". This is written in granite in my memory for some reason. Jerry was also in inmate of Regent House when I was also resident there and there was never a dull moment with his wicked sense of humour!

    Those who enjoy listening to "Cherry blossom tree" will also enjoy listening and recalling people like Bill Forbes (Too young), Des Kelly (Dream World), Cliff Foenander (Butterfly in the rain) and of course the incomparable Jetliners with Ishan and Mignone.