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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Zita's Comments on Prof. Kottegoda Oration (in verse)

To call you Mahendra is but to address a friend who is familiar
In the guise of someone less familiar
 You do not need any introduction
And now you’ve given the 2011 Oration
Celebrating a teacher from the past
Whose work and memory will ever last
Whose work, of which you gave a smattering
And your own topical contribution
‘Ageing population’ a subject gathering
Current importance and attention
A worthy subject no doubt
It deserves a cheer and a shout
Well done Speedy! We need more
People like you and ‘Kotte’ of yore!


  1. Thanks so much for your kind comments Zeta. I look forward to seeing you at the much awaited Reunion50-62

  2. My apologies Zita for calling you Zeta
    "Tongue of the slip", at least it wasn't Rita
    Poetic prowess of medgrads sixty two
    We need more Zita,isn't that true?