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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Speedy in the Pharmo Dept. in 1973

I was looking for any photographs from my medical student days but unlike Lucky, I haven’t kept any, apart from the cartoon that appears in the “Signature Book”, and even if I did have at one time, they would have got lost during the course of the many relocations I had in the past 50 years. However, I did come across these photographs taken in the Department of Pharmacology in 1973 when I was a Demonstrator (as the position was called those days), which might be of interest to batchmates. It shows many people I recognise and some I do not. It was taken during some sort of celebration judging from the contents on the table. The photos have suffered the wages of time but are still good enough to rekindle memories.

From L to R. Speedy G, Prof Bull Seneviratne (standing), Prof Lionel, I think the next person is Fernando who worked in the Pharmo dept, Gunapala ( I think), Rogus, The glamorous Miss Rajakariyar, child(?), Prof Sinnathamby’s wife, Nelun (secretary) and another I can’t place.

You can observe the customary respect shown to the Doctors who are all sat down - but “they also serve those who stand and wait”.
I am sure all of you remember Rogus who was the kind of chap who is difficult to find these days, loyal, deferential and always willing to help. I remember Miss Rajakariyar not only for her beauty but the lovely fragrance which accompanied her everywhere. I think Gunapala and Fernando took part in the assassination of those unfortunate cats who were sacrificed so that we could learn about drugs affecting the cardiovascular system. I don’t think it would be allowed these days.
The next picture is the same but the diminutive Prof Kottegoda now makes an appearance at the left extreme and Bull Seneviratne has decided to sit down and you can see his “Brylcreem” combed hair at the right extreme. For some reason, they are all looking more sombre now!

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  1. Does anybody remember Mis Rajakariyar's first name? I think it is Subo or Saroj or something like that.