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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dr. P. Sivasubramaniam Memorial Oration 2011

Members of our batch continue to shine in their chosen fields. Consultant Ophthalmologist Chirasri Jayaweera Bandara nee Mallawaratchi delivered the Dr. P. Sivasubramaniam Memorial Oration 2011 at the Annual Scientific Sessions of the Sri Lanka College of Ophthalmologists held at the Galadari Hotel on 3rd September. Her oration was on on "My Experiences in Keratoplasty".


  1. Well done Chira. You have kept the Batch colours flying. I hope we meet next year at the 50th. Can't believe that we haven't met since we passed out! You are one of my most long standing associates as we knew each other from Melder Place Nugegoda days, when you were a mere slip of a girl

  2. Thanks Mahendra,hope we will meet at the 50th celebrations.I still remember how your family kids our family kids used play together when we were very small. All the best for your oration! Chira

  3. I am coming in late with my comment as I cannot trace the first comment I made after reading about Chira's exclusive presentation as this year Dr Sivasubramaniam lecture. I am fortunate to have worked alongside Chira both in England and in Sri Lanka. Many a time did I ask her advice on management of a tangled problem. One day in answer to my question about how to manage corneal grafts in the harvesting season with ulcers like the map of Australia on the cornea she demonstrated to me her free hand cutting out of the donor graft, a technique done with the finesse of a veteran. Rather than attempting it myself, I was thereafter referring such cases I had to the Master Surgeon( changing the gender would take away from the honour). Well done Chira, you do our batch proud!