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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Achievers All

Hi Everyone,

This is just a request from members of my Colombomedgrads1962 batch. I would like to make this a regular feature on this blog. I want each and everyone out there to contribute. What you send me can be any noteworthy achievement (professional or otherwise) ranging from a newly acquired professional qualification to anything that you have done for fellow human beings. Or it can be something in your personal life that you would like others to know. It can even be something that your spouse, child or grandchild has done. Or even the loss of a loved one. Surely, nothing is too small to be shared with your colleagues. This is our own blog! It's meant for that. However, in making your contributions, please don't lose sight of our main focus - that we are zooming in on our 50th Anniversary. This is all a build-up towards that.

It's best that you send such news and information in concise form to my personal e-mail address in the first instance. It is:
Big or small, it will be published after an initial dialogue (if necessary) with the sender.
I am sure you will appreciate the fact that I cannot keep track of all such achievements and news of some 160 members in the batch.

As an example, I picked up Sanath Lama's achievement in being elected SLMA President in 2011 and posted it as a news item. I would rather get you all to send in such information voluntarily.

Who would like to volunteer first? Please don't be shy and too modest.

Thank you.


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